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TBT Rolex Replica Watches

I noted that this Rolex replica watch was known in Seiko replica circles for sharing the same hand set as the 62MAS and, therefore, is often pillaged because its hands are normally in better shape. Yes, it’s sad but true that the 62MAS, due to its water bound nature, often has a lot of rot under the crystal. So, the 6619 Sportsmatic is known as a surrogate, but it deserves to be recognized as so much more.
If we digest all of this, we, as vintage Replica Watches collectors often search for replica watches possessing great value. Some, such as Omega Speedmasters, are well known, but, thankfully, there still exist pockets – they are fewer and fewer sadly – of low cost, high value in the marketplace. Today’s #TBT covers a piece that, every time I don it, I smile because it’s so damn good looking. Otherwise, though, the 6619 movement, which was introduced in 1963 as the 410 prior to 4-digit naming conventions, is a great and reliable unit. It features Seiko replica’s magic lever design and that allows winding as the rotor spins in either direction. It’s because of this that the replica watches actually cannot be wound via the crown – I’ll comment on that shortly.
The replica watches you see before you comes in at a large, especially for 1967, 38mm diameter and it looks even larger because of its plain, relatively thin bezel. It has a case entirely of stainless steel and boasts 19mm lugs to add to its sizeable presence. You can see a beautifully inscribed “Seiko replica 5” logo with lovely “Seiko replica Sportsmatic” font straight out of the 1960’s above it.Clearly, Seiko replica wasn’t thinking about the WIS community nearly 50 years ahead because this replica watches gets worn roughly once per month and it is a serious pain to set. The crown is so miniscule, that it’s almost impossible to grasp between two fingers and I generally “roll it” on my palm to advance the hands.
They are simple designs when looking at the hour and minutes but actually contain edge chamfers to create a little dazzle. The sweep seconds hand, of course, contains the well-known lumed box near the end of the hand. In summary, everything is in balance.I think I’ve become proficient enough to read the tea leaves of a rough ad on the bay and this one sang to me. I had just picked up the 62MAS and was keen to acquire a distant cousin and this piece spoke to me.
Also, ensure that the inner bezel is present. Speaking of the inner bezel, it’s typical for the lume plots to “drift” a bit so don’t expect perfection. I don’t expect these pieces to go flying up in value, so the fully serviced price of $150-250 seems fair today.